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Ethics and quality
In addition to operating complying with the ethical code endorsed by ASSIRM, the Research Institutes Association, SWG have adopted their own ethical code which contains all the rights, duties and liabilities of the Company towards all their stakeholders, while aiming at promoting, or preventing, specific behaviours beyond, and independently from, what set forth by the law. The company have recently adopted an organisational, managerial and control model pursuant to law 231/2001, drafted according to the guidelines provided for by Confindustria, and has appointed a Monitoring Body entrusted with the task of verifying adequacy, effectiveness and revision of the same.

SWG S.p.A. has chosen to certify itself in 1999. It was among the first companies in the industry to do so, taking what the line taken later by the international category. The UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification includes all research activities, including the most recently one linked to the Internet world.